wash my damn towels "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players." - Billy Shakes

"Every law, convention ... that prevents self expression or the full enjoyment of the moment should be shattered and abolished." -Malcolm Cowley

"I had no language to express the intense romantic feelings I sometimes had toward my female friends; the deep friendships I forged with young gay men; or even my unruly boy-craziness, which by straight standards was slutty. Discovering queerness, I immediately connected its new attitudes about gender, sexuality, and eroticism to the impulses within my own hungry body and soul." - Ann Powers

bookseller by trade
writer when I focus
fangirl by nature
perverted to the core
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This pleases me.

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  18. linafae said: I love Sam Rockwell. Why isn’t he in more stuff for me to watch?
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